History of Managed Services at JM Addington

JM Addington began as an hourly-only Knoxville IT service firm in 2010. Initially, many of our customers were small, local firms using outdated technology. However, as we began to grow with our customers we began to notice some patterns.

All of our happiest, fastest growing customers had at least three things in common:

  1. They viewed us a business partner, not a technology vendor
  2. They spent about the same amount on IT services every month, even hourly
  3. They had the same foundational pieces of technology in place, varying only in the specific implementations

We figured, “if our happiest customers are doing the same things, why not try to get all of our customers to the same place?”

Out of this came our current managed service plans.

About the Plans

The easiest way to explain our plans is, they are meant to provide all of what a typical business requires of IT support in a single, easy to understand agreement. Instead of an a la carte plan where you get itemized to death we provide an all-service-inclusive plan that doesn’t ding you additionally for basic services such as email, projects, on-site support, etc.

We have three MSP plans, our standard plan, our high compliance plan and our small business plan.

Standard Plan

The standard plan includes all support as well as all the services listed in the next section. One firewall as a service is also included. No extra charges for extra workstations, remote support, or on-site support.

High Compliance Plan (Healthcare & Finance)

This plan has all of the components of the Standard Plan in addition to features specifically required by high compliance industries, such as email retention, email encryption the implementation of specific IT measures as required by the industry such as advanced auditing, security controls, etc.

Small Business Plan

Designed specifically for firms of 1-5 employees, this plan includes products designed for smaller businesses. It has all the basic support functionality of the standard plan but doesn’t include implementation of high-compliance IT requirements.

Always Included

  • All normal service

  • Most project work

  • Email

  • Office 365

  • On-site Support

  • Cloud Backup

  • Strategic Planning

  • Easy Invoices

What’s Different

The fundamental difference in our plans is our three-pronged approach and view of technology in organizations.

1. Technology Supports Existing Business

First, we view technology as an integral part of supporting your existing business operations. Like HR or finance, it isn’t your business but your business won’t outgrow your capacity in this area. IT isn’t your business, but it should be empowering and supporting everything your business does.

This isn’t lip service: it’s in our Mission Statement.

2. Long Term Strategic Planning

We believe that IT services should focus on the long term. We want to know your 1 year, 3 year and 5 year goals, plans and visions and then give you strategic technological advice and guidance around your business goals.

3. Process Oriented

We believe that all effective business are process-oriented. To be effective, you have to be able to repeat your success. To repeat your success, you have to have processes that support what you do. To that end, we have both internal and external processes to ensure that our business of empowering your business is consistent and scalable.


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